Results & Imaging

All patients will receive access to a soft copy of their images via Medscan Patient

Medscan Patient allows you to view, share and store your radiology images online.

Medscan utilises the latest in imaging technology and electronic report and image delivery. We provide our patients with a three year subscription to Medscan Patient, a cloud-based system which enables patients to view their reports and images via iPhone, tablet, and computer.

Medscan Patient enables you as a patient to view your images anywhere, any time, as long as you have access to an active internet connection. This allows you to share your images securely with your doctors and specialists.

Medscan is committed to environmentally sustainable radiology by reducing the use of blue film and metallic waste. All patients can opt to receive hard copy of their images on film or reports on paper.


Medical images, including your X-rays, ultrasound images and other scans are a vital part of your medical history and play a critical role in ensuring you get the care you need – but can you find them when you need them most?


Share images with people involved in your care – whether proudly showing your baby ultrasound to family or sharing important scans while travelling, Medscan Patient allows you to grant instant access to anyone, anywhere.


Your x-rays, ultrasound images and other scans help to form a clear picture of your health – safely and conveniently storing these images is vital.